How the SIF is organised


The SIF is a democratic organisation run according to the Rules last amended in February 1998. There is a National Council that exercises final power in the running of the SIF. This is elected by (approximately) thirds by the membership.  Members also elect the Officers of the SIF (President, Treasurer and so on). All of these Officers are ex officio members of the Executive Committee.


Immediately following a meeting of members, there is a meeting of the newly confirmed National Council that confirms (or, if necessary, can reject) the Officers just elected by the general membership and which appoints other office holders to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee exercises the day-to-day running of the SIF.


A meeting of members is open to all paid-up Ordinary members and Life members of the SIF, and paid-up members of CIPS.


  • President: Vacant
  • Vice-President: Professor David Myddelton
  • Chairman of the National Council: Professor David Myddelton
  • Chairman of the Executive Committee: Michael Plumbe
  • Treasurer: Lucy Ryder
  • Editor, Webmaster, and Membership Secretary: Dr Nigel G. Meek
  • Secretary: Rhoda Zeffertt


Current members of the National Council: Dr Victor Bloom, Dr Nigel Meek, Professor David Myddelton, Michael Plumbe, Lucy Ryder, Ralph Shuffrey, and Rhoda Zeffertt.