The Individual

Evolving from a newsletter, The Individual is the present journal of the Society for Individual Freedom. It has been edited by Dr Nigel Gervas Meek since 2002 following the retirement of Paul Anderton (1932-2006).


The journal is published and distributed in hardcopy to SIF members and opinion formers. We also make it available as a free, downloadable PDF.


There are two series of publications on this page. From 2002, there are PDFs of the The Individual as distributed in hardcopy. Before 2002, the PDFs are either scanned in versions of original publications or summarised versions where only the text is available.  As well as the listed contents, the journals often contain a range of editorials, notices etc.


This archive is far from complete. The SIF published journals and newsletters under a variety of titles for decades before 2002. As a long-term project, we hope to fill the gaps.  If you have any old SIF-related material, please contact us using the address on the left.  Indeed, the SIF has "moved office" many times over the years and the publications below contain many out-of-date contact details.  Be careful!


All articles are published as a contribution to debate. Any views expressed in them, including editorial comments, are not formally those of the SIF unless explicitly noted.


If you make use of any of the material in these publications, please make sure that the author, the journal and the SIF are cited appropriately.


We are always looking for high quality, pro-liberty writers. If you have an article that you would like to have considered for publication, please contact Nigel Meek using the details on the left.

2002 and later

JULY 2015

  • The Non-Economic Costs of Mass Migration to the UK  – Robert Henderson
  • Nation, State and Culture: An Individualist View – Neil Lock
  • A Radical Libertarian Case For Free Immigration – Richard Garner
  • What the British Think About Immigration: Evidence from British Social Attitudes – Dr Nigel G. Meek
The Individual, July 2015
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APRIL 2014

  • The Continued Erosion of Freedom in Britain Today – Dr Jeremy Dunning-Davies
  • A ‘Benevolent’ Cartel: Minimum Wages and Monopoly Prices – Richard Garner
  • Freedom Around the World: An International Analysis – Dr Nigel Gervas Meek
The Individual, April 2014
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  • Political reasons for leaving the EU – Professor David Myddelton
  • The Marxian Theory of Exploitation: A Critique – Richard Garner
  • The Significance of the Urban Sphere of Dreams – Robert Cowley
The Individual, September 2013
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APRIL 2013

  • The Planning Travesty: Part II – Professor Alice Coleman
  • Some Thoughts on Freedom in Present-day Britain and the USA – Dr Jeremy Dunning-Davies
  • Against Nationalisation: Owning Silver Veins – Richard Garner
The Individual, April 2013
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  • Thoughts on Freedom and Education – Dr Jeremy Dunning-Davies
  • The Oaths and Vows that Bind Our Society Together – David J. Webb
  • British Sacred Cows – George Maunnter
  • How Some Immigrants Increase Wealth – Richard Garner
  • The Problem with Smokers: They’re Too Nice! – Mark Roberts
  • The Planning Travesty: Part 1 – Professor Alice Coleman
The Individual, August 2012
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  • Science and its Public Funding – Dr Jeremy Dunning-Davies
  • The British Empire: Not a Force for Liberty – Edward Goodman
  • Richard Garner Remembered – Dr Nigel Gervas Meek
  • Belated Thoughts on the 2010 General Election – George Maunnter
  • Servants or Masters? Some Thoughts about the Police – Dr Nigel Gervas Meek
The Individual, September 2011
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JUNE 2011

  • John Monson, 1932-2011: A Real Liberal – Dr Helen Szamuely
  • Further Thoughts on Education – Dr Jeremy Dunning-Davies
  • The British Empire: A Story of Freedom – Peter Richards
  • The Best Within Us – Dr Robert Lefever
  • “Political Correctness”: Benign and Malign – Dr Nigel Gervas Meek
The Individual, June 2011
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  • On the 'Independence of the Judicature' - Dr Jeremy Dunning-Davies
  • Frédéric Bastiat (1801-1850): Passionate Exponent of Classical Liberalism - Peter Richards
  • A Low-Cost Rescue of Education - Professor Alice Coleman
The Individual, February 2011
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  • At the Margins of Politics: The Prevalence (and Irrelevance?) of Libertarian Attitudes in the UK - Dr Nigel Gervas Meek
  • Enoch Powell: Libertarian, Tory and Nationalist - Peter Richards
The Individual, August 2010
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  • The Welfare State Is A Rip-Off! - Richard Garner
  • A Message from the Chairman of the SIF’s Executive Committee - Michael Plumbe
  • Present Day Education in England - Dr Jeremy Dunning-Davies
  • “Climate Change”: A First Victory for the Internet? - Nigel Gervas Meek
  • The Anti-Corn Law League - Peter Richards
  • The Hypocritical War on Some Drugs - Richard Garner
The Individual, January 2010
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  • Second Thoughts About "The West" - Joe Peacott
  • "Global Warming": Some Inconvenient Truths - Peter Richards
  • Envy and the Intellectual Deficit of the Collectivist - Michael Payne
  • Schools of Thought: The Argument about University Fees and the Historical Record on the Non-State Provision of Education - Richard Garner
The Individual, February 2009
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JULY 2008

  • Eurocentrism versus Multiculturalism - Professor Stephen Levitt & Professor David McNaron
  • The Trouble with Multiculturalism - Professor David McNaron
  • Terrorism, Collateral Damage and Double Effects - Richard Garner
  • Slavery and the Slave Trade: Apologies, Abolition and Justification - Peter Richards
The Individual, July 2008
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APRIL 2008

  • Contrarian Thoughts from a Disabled Libertarian - Ziggy Encaoua
  • The Freedom of Information Act Two Years On - Robert Henderson
  • Libertarianism and Welfare: Is Charity Enough? - Richard Garner
  • The Battle for Liberty: More than Just "Europe" - Nigel Meek
The Individual, April 2008
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  • On Being a Green Libertarian - Damien Mullan
  • Lost in the Fog: How Freedom is Being Eroded by Law and What We Can Do About It - Celia Hampton
  • Some Thoughts About Guns and Violence - Richard Garner
  • 2007 SIF AGM reports
  • Gordon Brown: Go Now! - Amber Astron-Christo

JULY 2007

  • The Big Lie or Many Smaller Lies? The Career and Impact of Communist Propagandist Willi Münzenberg - Dr Helen Szamuely
  • A Bloody Misalliance: Radical Islam and Infantile Marxism - Dr Philip Bounds
  • The Achievements of Ayn Rand - Peter Richards
  • A Milestone on the Political Journey of a Libertarian: A Brief Word about Peter Tatchell - Nigel Meek
The Individual, July 2007
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  • Habits Are Not Illnesses: A Response to Dr Robert Lefever - Joe Peacott
  • The Anti-Enterprise Culture Amongst Scotland's Ruling Elite - James A. Mackie
  • Easing Fears About Outsourcing - Richard Garner
  • 2006 SIF AGM reports
  • The Not So Much Freedom of Information Act - Robert Henderson
  • The Age of Public Protection - Daniel Chadwick

JULY 2006

  • If You Think Free Expression is Politically Expensive, Try Censorship - Robert Henderson
  • Addictive Disease - Dr Robert Lefever

APRIL 2006

  • A Celebration of the Life of Paul Raymond Anderton - Ann Granville
  • An Obituary of Dr Christopher Ronald Tame - Dr Sean Gabb
The Individual, April 2006
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  • Contract Feudalism - Kevin Carson
  • Backlash: Defending S&M is Defending Individual Freedom - Nigel Meek
  • 2005 SIF AGM Reports


  • Understanding State Capitalism in Sub-Saharan Africa - Richard Garner
  • Review of James Bartholomew's The Welfare State We're In - Professor Antony Flew
  • A Small-State Platform for the Conservative Party - Peter Richards
The Individual, August 2005
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MAY 2005

  • Nothing Like a Free Market: Corporate Capitalism in the USA - Kevin Carson
  • Against Anti-Discrimination Legislation - Christopher Awuku
  • A Brief Guide to the Freedom of Information Act - Robert Henderson
  • 2004 SIF AGM reports


  • Secret Services: A Conspiracy Against the Public - Robert Henderson
  • The Healthcare "Crisis" in the USA - Joe Peacott
  • The Case for More Laws - Peter H. Curry
  • SIF Chairman's Report for 2004 - Michael Plumbe


  • An End to Paternalism in Healthcare - Professor David Marsland
  • The Growth of British Government Since World War Two - Christopher Awuku
  • The SS United Kingdom: Heading Towards the Iceberg - James A. Mackie
  • Notice for Unshackling Accountants - Professor David Myddelton/IEA
  • Religion and Morality: An Historical Confidence Trick - Paul Anderton
  • Book reviews - Martin Ball
  • The Beliefs of the Society for Individual Freedom - SIF

JULY 2004

  • Independent Healthcare - Dr Robert Lefever
  • Of Politicians and Men: Two Articles from The Psychologist - Nigel Meek
  • The Plague of Law Locusts - Larry Gambone
  • Conspicuous Compassion - Patrick West/Civitas
  • The Practical Problems and Implications of Biometric Identities - Robert Henderson
The Individual, July 2004
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MAY 2004

  • Royalty, Religion, and Liberty of Conscience - Peter Richards
  • Libertarian Alliance Awards to SIF Contributors
  • Who Armed Saddam? - Nigel Meek
  • What Makes Us Human? - Richard Lines
  • An Atheist Libertarian's Appreciation of Christianity - Nigel Meek
  • The EU Constitution: Has the Prime Minister Run Out of Choices? - Dr Helen Szamuely
The Individual, May 2004
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  • The SIF: Quintessentially Libertarian (or at least Libertarian-Conservative...) - Nigel Meek
  • Banana Republic Britain - Stuart Millson
  • The Tell-IT Campaign: An Update - Peter Jackson
  • About the Campaign Against Censorship - Anon.
  • Strangling Freedom - Robert Henderson
  • 2004 SIF AGM reports
  • SIF 2003 Chairman's Report - Michael Plumbe


  • The Rise of Blogging! - Nigel Meek
  • Choice in Personal Safety (CIPS): Aims and Viewpoints
  • SIF 2002 AGM reports
  • A Mean and Irrational Harassment - Professor Dennis O'Keeffe
  • Freedom versus Size and Scale - John Papworth
  • Synopsis of 'Free Speech: The EU Version' - Dr Brian Hindley
  • Academic Achievement and the Difference Between 'Race' and 'Culture' - Nigel Meek
  • The War and National Morale - Major George G. Brown
  • Media Abuse and Commons Excuse - Robert Henderson

MAY 2003

  • Newspeak: When Words Can Kill - Professor Steven Levitt
  • Individualist Anarchism: A Capitalist Response to Joe Peacott - Richard Garner
  • The UK is Not a 'Multicultural, Multiracial' Country - Nigel Meek
  • Independence Within Europe? The SNP and the EU - James A. Mackie
  • From Disillusion to Delight [Thoughts of a private doctor] - Dr Robert Lefever
The Individual, May 2003
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  • The Third Way: Where To, and Between Which? - Professor Antony Flew
  • The Right to Self-Defence - Robert Henderson
  • Do We Need Mass Immigration? - Anthony Browne/Civitas
  • A Libertarian Approach to Third World Debt and the Arms Trade - Nigel Meek
  • Long Live the Monarchy - Peter Richards
  • An Overview of Anarchist Individualist Thought - Joe Peacott
  • Higher Taxes and More Crime: The Case of Tobacco - Giuseppe De Santis
The Individual, February 2003
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  • Health Care Without Government - Joe Peacott
  • Freedom of Health Choice in Peril - Lynne McTaggart
  • Vitamins: The End of the Independent Manufacturer? - David Gaiman
  • Politicians and the Drugs Problem - Kenneth Eckersley
  • Addiction: Issues for the State and the Individual - Dr Robert Lefever
  • Drug Control: Futile and Immoral - Robert Henderson
  • Health Care, State-Socialist Propaganda and the BBC - Nigel Meek

MAY 2002

  • Submission to the Conservative Party's Policy Review - Dr Barry Bracewell-Milnes
  • Secrecy, Disinformation, and Propaganda - Mary Hayward
  • The Nature of Christian Democracy - Nigel Meek
  • Don't Mention the 'Q' Word - Martin Ball
  • The Tell-It Campaign: An Interim Report - Peter Jackson
  • Censorship in the United Kingdom - Ted Goodman
  • The Metric Martyrs - Michael Plumbe
The Individual, May 2002
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2001 and earlier


  • Immigration Policies - Derek Turner
  • More Elite Mischief - Robert Henderson
  • The Nature-Nurture Debate: A Libertarian View - Nigel Meek
  • Report on the Talk to the SIF by Peter Hitchens, 18th July 2000
  • Currency is Very Political - Paul Anderton
December 2001
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June 2000

  • On Drugs, and the News of the World – Paul Anderton
  • The SIF and the Battle for Britain – Teresa Gorman MP
  • On Jonathan Collett’s optimism – Professor Antony Flew
  • Are “Charity Shops” More Harm Than Good? –Terence C. Jacobs
  • Two views on the National Lottery – Walt Hare versus Anne Guishe
  • The Heroic Values of Video Games – Martin Ball
  • Tyranny of the Law – John Mclean
  • POLICYSCOPE: A Guide to the Political Policy Scene – Martin Ball
The Individual, June 2000
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  • Your Editor and the News of the World - Paul Anderton
  • Report on the SIF Luncheon and Talk by Theresa Gorman MP, 5th April 2000
  • Against the National Lottery - Walt Hare
  • In Favour of the National Lottery - Ann Guishe
  • ‘Charity’ Shops: Do They Do More Harm Than Good? - Terrance C. Jacobs
February 2000
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JULY 1999

  • Elite Mischief - Robert Henderson
  • Freedom is in the Genes: A Scientific ‘Update’ of Objectivism? - Paul Anderton
  • The Government Needs Drugs! - David Carr
  • Review of John McLean’s Tyranny of the Law - Paul Anderton
July 1999
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  • The ‘Third Way’ of Justice? - Paul Anderton
  • An Addict Writes - Dr Robert Lefever
  • Ayn Rand’s Philosophy of Objectivism - Professor Edward Younkins
  • Talking About Smoking – Judith Hatton
  • SIF and Tell-IT reports
  • Review of Friedrich Hayek’s The Intellectuals and Socialism
The Individual, February 1999
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  • Who Shall Speak for England? - Robert Henderson
  • The Adam Smith Institute and New Labour - Dr Sean Gabb
  • The Minimal State, Not the Welfare State - Professor Edward Younkins
  • Drugs: The Misconceptions – Kenneth Eckersley
  • Drugs and the Party Line – Paul Anderton
  • Reviews of Sir Richard Body MP’s The Breakdown of Europe; and Michael Littlewood’s How to Create a Competitive Market in Pensions: The International Lessons
The Individual, November 1998
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JUNE 1998

  • The Educational Crisis in this Country - Amber Astron
  • Armed Men on the Streets of London - Dr Sean Gabb
  • Drugs – David Wedgwood
  • Various SIF and Tell-IT reports
  • Reviews of Michael Levin’s Why Race Matters; and Lynette Burrow’s The Fight for the Family
The Individual, June 1998
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  • Against the Legalisation of Drug Use - Ken Eckersley
  • Meet the New Boss - Avedon Carol
  • Reviews of William Gilmore's (ed.) International Efforts to Combat Money Laundering; and Rowan Bosworth-Davies & Graham Saltmarch's Money Launderinbg: A Practical Guise to New Legislation.
  • Reviews of Henry Weaver’s The Mainspring of Human Progress; and Melanie Phillips’ All Must Have Prizes;
  • Reviews of William Bratton & Norman Dennis's (eds.) Zero Tolerance: Policing in a Free Society; Charles Murray et al's Does Prison Work?, and Julian Broadhead's Prison Writing No. 10.
  • Review of David Green’s Benefit Dependency: How Welfare Undermines Independence.
  • Obituary of Professor Hans Eysenck.
The Individual, January 1998
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  • An Attack on Saving: The July 1997 Budget - Dr Barry Bracewell-Milnes
  • A German View of the European Union - Dr Heiner Kappel
  • Unipolar Depression: Some Thoughts on the Policy and Practice of Intervention - Nigel Gervas Meek
  • Intellectual Fraud – David Wedgwood
  • SIF and Tell-IT reports
  • Review Of Eileen Barker’s (ed.) LSE on Freedom and Will Hutton et al’s Stakeholding and its Critics.
The Individual, September 1997
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APRIL 1997

  • Why and How We Should Leave the European Union – Fabian Ollins
  • Free Speech and Race Relations – Derek Turner
  • One Man's View – Michael Plumbe
  • Toys And Safety – Peter R. Curry
  • The Last Gun Battle? – Lords Monson and Braybrooke
  • Vegetarianism – Tony Banks MP
  • Tell-IT Campaign – Pater Jackson, Patsy Kehela & Paul Anderton
  • Reviews of Steve Ludlum & Martin Smith’s Contemporary British Conservatism and Dr Hulda Regehr Clark's The Cure for All Cancers
The Individual, April 1997
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  • Some Observations on Higher Education Today - Dr Jeremy Dunning-Davies
  • Conservatives Against Federal Europe - Sir Richard Body MP
  • The Case Against Gun Control - Dr Sean Gabb
  • Some Observations on the Party Conferences - Walt Hare
  • The ‘New’ Education Debate - Paul Anderton
  • Oh, No! They’re ‘Protecting’ the Children Again! - Avedon Carol
  • Report on meeting on information for patients - Anon.
  • Report on debate on children's rights versus parents' freedoms - Anon.
The Individual, November 1996
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JULY 1996

  • Real Welfare: Self-Reliance or State Dependency? - Professor David Marsland
  • Public Health or Private Choice? - Professor Antony Flew
  • Freedom, Responsibility & Children's Rights - Robert Maas
  • Dunblane, Guns, and Excuses - Paul Anderton
  • Modern Feminism - Avedon Carol
  • Doctors Denied Data: Discovery Acknowledged - Peter Jackson
  • Review of Four Books by David Green
  • Reviews of Practical LSD Manufacture and Secrets of Methamphetamins Manufacture by Uncle Fester; Medicine Chest Explosives by Don McLean; and Homemade Ammo by Duncan Long.
  • Review of Dr Thomas Roder, Volker Kubillus, & Anthony Burwell’s Psychiatrists: The Men Behind Hitler
  • Review of Chris Tame & David Botsford’s Not Just Tobacco
  • Review of Michael Randle’s How to Defend Yourself in Court
The Individual, July 1996
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  • Drugs for debate – Michael G. Jones
  • Education – Walt Hare
  • Bosnia: The hidden causes – Peter Jackson
  • The interfering tendency – Paul Anderton
  • La famille en danger – Dr Helen Szamuely
  • In the eye of the beholder – Avedon Carol
  • The Conservative Party conference (October 1995) – Paul Anderton
  • Ecstasy and agony – Raymond Paul
The Individual, January 1996
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  • Towards Truth Through Falsification - Professor Antony Flew
  • Freedom is the Right to Know - Peter Jackson
  • Don’t Believe What You Read - Avedon Carol
  • Oxygen Therapies Under Attack- Alwyne Pilsworth
  • Reviews of The Throw that Failed by Lionel Bell; Things to Come: Tories in the 21st Century by John Patten; Saturn’s Children by Alan Duncan & Dominic Hobson; Non-Smokers Unite! by Chris R. Tame; Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequenceseview by John Allen Paulos; The Bell Curve by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray; and The Times Guide to The New British State by Michael Dynes & David Walker.
The Individual, August 1995
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APRIL 1995

  • Bye Bye, Europe - Theresa Gorman MP
  • Treaty on European Union Including the Protocols and Final Act with Declarations: Maastricht 7th February 1992 - David Gibbon
  • The single currency (again) – Paul Anderton
  • A Bill of Rights or Big Brother? - Brian Legge
  • British Telecom and video on demand – Michael Plumbe
  • Fishing – Walt Hare
  • Reviews of The Power to Destroy by David Myddelton; The Bastards by Theresa Gorman MP & Heather Kirby; and Libertarianism: The Perversion of Liberty by Peter Shwartz.
The Individual, April 1995
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  • Moraility is More Than Me - Reverend Bryan Rippen
  • God and Morality: Help or Hinderance? - Paul Anderton
  • Our minister for Andean peasentry – Matthew Parris
  • 'Protection' that is not protection – Avedon Carol
  • Terminal incoherence – Walt Hare
  • What Ethical Problem? - Dr Sean Gabb
  • The single currency – Paul Anderton
  • Millions and billions – Walt Hare
  • Reviews of ’s Shephard’s Warning: Setting Schools Back On Course by Professor Antony Flew; Teaching Right and Wrong: Have The Churches Failed? edited by Robert Whelan; Self-Made Man and His Undoing by Jonathan Kingdon; Underclass: The Crisis Deepens edited by Charles Murray; and Nudes, Prudes and Attitudes by Avedon Carol.
The Individual, January 1995
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  • Preserving the Monarchy – Charles Hendry MP
  • Comment on the ‘Hendry view’ – Paul Anderton
  • The Health Service as ‘Trojan horse’ – Walt Hare
  • Freedom is the right to know – Peter Jackson
  • Continental imports we can do without – Paul Anderton
  • Choice in Personal Safety – Peter Raymond
  • The National Lottery: A good idea spoilt – Walt Hare
  • The ‘drug problem’ – Paul Anderton
  • The use of drugs in sport – Walt Hare
  • Reviews of Passive Smoking: Scientific Method and Corrupted Science by Antony Flew; The Power to Destroy by David Myddelton; The Mad Officials by Christopher Booker & Richard North; A Half and Half Affair by D.R. Denman; and Treason at Maastricht by Rodney Atkinson & Norris McWhirter.
The Individual, September 1994
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  • Disorder Postpones the Annual General Meeting - Anon.  Note: This is the SIF’s own record of the events involving Mark MacGregor, Douglas Smith, Jason Hollands and others.
  • The Civic Education and Research Trust - Anon.
The Individual, December 1993
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  • SIF luncheon with Jonathan Aitken MP
  • Altered states: New agenda or no agenda? – Iain Smedley
  • Who are the Conservative “bastards”? – Anon.
The Individual, October 1993
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MAY 1993

  • Business * Trades Unions * Passive smoking * the EEC/EU * Data Protection Act * Right to Know Bill * Human Fertilisation Act
Individual Freedom Monitor, May 1993
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APRIL 1993

  • Freedom and public policy – Professor Peter Campbell
  • Business ethics, prosperity and liberty – Professor Norman Barry
  • Access to medical information – Peter Jackson
  • The threat or Euro-corporatism – Rodney Atkinson
  • The cult of the Individual – Glenn Granger
  • Reviews of Testing the Market by Robert Carnaghan & Barry Bracewell-Milnes; God and the Marketplace edited by Jon Davies; and The Power to Destroy by David Myddelton
The Individual, April 1993
Adobe Acrobat document [33.0 MB]


  • Can we any longer speak of the free world? – Professor Kenneth Minogue
  • The free-market case for [European] federalism – Dr Nigel Ashford
  • The Campaign for Freedom of Information – Ralph Shuffrey
  • Heresies of [food and drugs] harmonisation – Peter Jackson
  • The European superstate – Theresa Gorman MP
The Individual, January 1993
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  • John Donne versus John Stuart Mill – Matthew Parris
  • The right to voluntary euthanasia – John Oliver
  • Civil liberties: An endangered species – John Wadham
  • Christianity and the place of the individual in society – Professor the Reverend Canon J.R. Porter
  • On the right to refuse medical treatment and other notices – Anon.
The Individual, September 1992
Adobe Acrobat document [986.2 KB]


  • Freedom, democracy and the European Community – Robert Carnaghan
  • The British constitution and a Bill of Rights – Professor Roger Scruton
  • Access to information about actions by social services II – Anon.
  • Homosexuality, freedom and the law – Tim Barnett
  • Freedom, rights, the law and Europe – Peter Ashman
The Individual, January 1992
Adobe Acrobat document [961.6 KB]


  • Freedom from Obscene Publications? - David Webb
  • Moral Ignorance: The Basis of Communism - David Wedgwood
  • Order as the Bedrock of Freedom - Professor David Marsland
  • The Abolition of Income Tax - Dr Barry Bracewell-Milnes
The Individual, October 1991
Adobe Acrobat document [928.4 KB]

APRIL 1991

  • Reducing freedom – Sir Richard Body MP
  • Freedom on the streets – Anon.
The Individual, April 1991
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  • Bondage: Against Compulsory Seatbelts - Anon.
February 1986
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